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The Do’s And Don’ts of Dating An Older Man

an older man and a younger woman on patio square

Do you know older man younger woman relationships? Are you dating an older man or planning to get your toes dipped into mature waters? Well, if the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. This article will give all the information you require for a successful age gap relationship. Nevertheless, it still depends on you and your partner where you want to see the relationship 10 or even 20 years down the line.

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, these guidelines will certainly help you.

The Do’s:

  • Learn from your man: Your mature partner might play the “when I was your age” card very often. Instead of getting frustrated, try learning from his life experiences. Don’t get offended by his opinions as he longs for your betterment.

  • Appreciate his looks: Acknowledge the fact that men get better looking with age. Remember that you will always hot, younger partner / girlfriend to him.

  • Show love and affection but never give him a love name, based on his age or appearance. No man in the world would like to be called a “sexy silver fox”. Take your time to understand him and then give him a name, only if necessary. It would be great if you could avoid naming him.

  • Go with the flow: Treat the relationship the same way as you would do with any guy of your age. There is already a great deal of pressure when it comes to age gap dating and there is no need to boost up the pressure by making him feel that he is old. Just go with the flow.

The Don’ts:

  • Never make a remark that relates to his age: Do not say that you love his grey chest hair. In addition, don’t ask about his health. You have to be extremely cautious, particularly during the initial stages of a relationship.

  • Don’t make him feel older: Avoid giving examples of incidents that make him feel older than he actually is. Saying that you were born in the same year as he had completed his 10th grade would be offensive.

  • Don’t always assume that he is here for sex: Although there are many out there who would treat you as fresh meat and a viable sex toy, there are several others who seek serious relationship. They require someone to share their thoughts with and simply have a good time together.

  • Never give references he cannot understand: Don’t give reference to a Linkin Park song that you had listened to a while ago. His tastes might be quite different from yours. Always try to find a common interest and use it effectively during your interactions.

Following the aforementioned guidelines will ensure your relationship is successful and doesn’t see an early ending.

Why Older Men Love Dating Younger Women?

Did you ever feel that men your age are dating women half your age or at least those significantly younger to you? What makes wealthy and successful men date women who are a decade or more young than themselves? Is it the looks that attract them or the youth – centric culture being followed by our society that has made older men date younger women?

An older man is kissing a young woman

You’d be surprised to know that the real reason behind this is beyond looks. It turns out that men are way more complicated than that when it comes to dating and choosing a life partner. Here are a few reasons behind this concept of age gap dating.

1. It’s the law of averages at work: If you think that men in their mid – 40s find it attractive to date younger women, you’re wrong. The law of averages means that men find proportionately fewer women belonging to that age group whom they can date. Furthermore, dating a woman in her 20s or 30s is also less demanding. The requirements of an elderly woman are very different from those of a younger woman.

2. Older men love them for their carefree attitude: Younger women are less judgmental and more flexible. They don’t have a long list of the qualities they are looking for in a prospective partner. Younger women like living in the present rather than to think about the future.

3. They have lesser emotional baggage to carry: It is often noticed that older women, who have had bad experiences in the past are more skeptical about relationships and view advancements with suspicion. For instance, if a woman has been lied to for years, she would find it extremely difficult to trust you or any other guy for that matter.

4. Younger women don’t generally have an agenda: Most of the younger women don’t think about marriage during the early stages of dating. She is more interested in knowing you better and learning about your preferences and interests. Younger women prefer to go with the flow instead of being in the driver’s seat.

5. Impressing a younger date is easier: The major advantage of dating a younger woman is you can show all the secret stuff you possess. You can impress her with your money, cars, mansions, gifts and probably everything. It is very likely that she hasn’t had a similar experience earlier in life. Women like it when you formulate a plan and execute it to perfection.

6. Start a serious relationship: Young women cater to sexual desires better than women in their 40s or early 50s. She is young, more energetic and is capable of giving you the ultimate pleasures of a serious relationship.